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We are glad you are going to sign up or log in to Panini Collectibles United Kingdom website.

Before proceeding, we want to let you know about the new authentication system in order to allow you to take full advantage of the benefits resulting from it. Your registration data will be stored on a centralized system called "Panini Passport" that will grant the access to reserved areas of the Panini Collectibles United Kingdom website, and to all the others of the Panini Group websites included in this list as well.

The system will be progressively implemented to all the Panini Group websites. At this time the websites you can log in with your data are only those ones marked with the Panini Passport icon.

We thank you for your attention and... have fun!

Panini Team

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To ensure the compliance with the highest data safety standards, we proceeded to reset the passwords of some websites. For this reason, it might happen that you can not log in to one of the websites of the list. In this case, please click on "Forgot your Password?" to set a new one.

Supported browsers are: 

  • Internet Explorer 9 (or higher version)
  •  Mozilla Firefox 15 (or higher version) 
  • Google Chrome 16 (or higher version) 
  • Safari version 5.1 (or higher version)
  • Opera 12 (or higher version)

We kindly invite you to upgrade your browser or, if you cannot change your browser for compatibility reasons, you can install a second browser and use it to browse our website, while keeping the other one. You find further information here: