Road to UEFA EURO 2020™ Sticker Collection

The race for the 2020 European title starts here, with a must-have sticker collection designed to showcase the top national teams in Europe, all ready to take to the field and compete in the final stage of UEFA EURO 2020™.

This official sticker collection from Panini features an awesome 64-page sticker album with 476 stickers to collect. The sticker album will have new and exclusive content including group stage photography, the official competition trophy sticker, and all the winning teams of the UEFA Nations League! It’ll feature 28 teams and 448 stickers of Europe’s top footballing talents.

Collectors can kick-start their collection with a starter pack including a sticker album and 31 stickers. There will be plenty of special stickers to look out for, making this an unmissable sticker collection for football fans and collectors alike.

Sticker Packets: 70p rrp
Starter Packs: £3.99 rrp

The Road to UEFA EURO 2020™ Sticker Collection from Panini is ON SALE NOW!

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