Invizimals ‘New Alliance’ Trading Card Game

The Invizimals are back! Panini are excited to announce the launch of the brand new Invizimals ‘New Alliance’ Trading Card Game. Invizimals is a ‘playstation portable’ augmented reality collectable video game, produced by Sony. ‘New Alliance’ is the second in the series and the trading cards feature an easy to learn game that helps you become an ‘Invizimals hunter’, building up an incredible collection of cards full of exclusive images and special effects. The collection features augmented reality cards and a free app download for multiple platforms, so players can scan, collect and swap virtual cards and battle against each other.

There are a total of 420 cards to collect including special and limited edition cards to look out for. Collectors can kick start their collection with a mega starter pack which includes a binder to keep cards in, 18 trading cards, a mini game guide, checklist, game board and 2 LIMITED EDITION CARDS! There is also a guide starter pack available, which includes a magazine guide, 18 trading cards and a LIMITED EDITION CARD!

Mega Starter Pack: £7.99
Game Guide Starter Pack: £4.99
Trading Card Packet: £1.50

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