Disney Frozen ‘Always and Forever’ Sticker Collection

Following on from the success of the first three Frozen sticker collections, Panini’s Brand New Frozen Album – Always and Forever – is a must for Frozen fans, new and old! Not only does the Collection capture the famous tale of two loving sisters, their best friends and Olaf the Snowman, but it explores new adventures and Frozen fashions as it goes beyond the original story. For the first time, a Sticker Collection gives Olaf a central role as he reveals his summer dream.

There's even a giant pull-out poster of Olaf plus a fun board game to complete and play. Throughout the album, there are puzzles and activities to complete so the whole Collection will become a memorable fan-favourite. With 192 stickers to collect, including 48 special foil and fabric stickers, why not start your collection today with a Starter pack which includes an album and 31 stickers!

Starter Pack: £2.99
Sticker Packet: 50p

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Single stickers/cards to complete your collection